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Wasifiat Sofiyana Urdu Book by Wasif Ali Wasif PDF Free Download

Wasifiat Sofiyana Urdu book available for free download or read online Urdu book Wasifiat written by Wasif Ali Wasif. This book collection of Sofiyana essays by Wasif Ali Wafi writes in a different time, this is the third edition of this book this first and second edition and the collection of this articles also published with name Dil Darya and Qatra Qatra Qalzam. These articles also published in daily Roznama Nawaiwaqt Newspapers Colum in Urdu. this book published and printed after the death of his writer Wasif Ali Wasif. But the title of this book 'Hurf Hurf Haqeeqat' selected by Author, total 37 articles in this Urdu literature download in PDF or read on the internet.


 واصف علی واصف

Wasifiat Wasif Ali Wasif

Wasif Ali Wasit who was an educator, essayist, artist and Sufi scholarly from Pakistan. He was the child of Muhammad Arif.  the writer got his initial instruction from Khushab before going to Jhang He is celebrated for his abstract works. He is said to have been referred to in citations more than some other contemporary Urdu essayist. Ace of an axiom, he has absolute a wonderful capacity to catch a rainbow of importance in a couple of dewdrops of well-picked words. Now this book as long as 160 pages and PDF downloadable file size 9 MB. You may be read Wasif Ali Wasif poetry book Sab e Raz Urdu shayari kutub and Kiran Kiran Souraj.

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