Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Diary Ka Raaz Kamran Series by Asar Nomani Novel Urdu PDF Download

ڈائری کا راز

 اثر نعمانی

Date with a Dead Man Urdu

Diary Ka Raaz Kamran this is Urdu translation famous English Novel of Date with a Dead Man. In this story, she was rich however not sufficiently rich, wedded but rather hungry for darlings, and would cheerfully melt herself into obscurity at the fly of a stopper. Mike Shayne was the answer for every one of her issues on the off chance that she blended her business and joy right, a straightforward mixture of pay off and bed. This novel collected from Michal Shayne Series written by popular English Author Brett Halliday and translated into the Urdu language by Asar Nomani. who is the best Urdu novelist and Urdu novel writer and Translator from Pakistan  The Suspense crime and Thriller story now in Urdu dialectic. He is the writer of some incredibly interesting books. He presented some very successful characters in his Urdu books. The creator depicts the tale of a journal which contains a major mystery. You may be read more Jasoosi Spy novels Tasweer Ka Ghulam by Ishtiaq Ahmed and Jungle Ki Aag (The Forest Fire) by Ibn-e-Safi.

Date with a Dead Man Novel in Urdu Free PDF Pages:

Diary Ka Raaz Asar Nomani
Jasoosi Novel Urdu

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