Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Karb e Aashnai by Tahir Javed Mughal PDF Urdu Novel Free Download

کرب آشنا ئی

 طاہر جاوید مغل

Karb Aashnai Tahir Javed

Free download romantic story in Urdu Karb e Aashnai composed by Mr. Tahir Javed. this is best love and romance novel in Urdu language Karb e Aashnai means The Hardships of Love. Read about some hard truths in relationships and love, how will love affect his personal and family life. Love, It's such a basic and little word yet it holds so much significance, be there for an accomplice who is enduring an enthusiastic and emotional wellness emergency. The story is about a young lady to be specific Soan. Soan is the heroine of this Urdu story. She has a place in Bangkok, Thailand. Soan who is an extremely delightful young lady. Soan's life is loaded with sins. The story peak starts when somebody experiences passionate feelings for her when she faces the troubles of her life. Her sweetheart tries hard to get away from her from the ungainly stage since he adores her a great deal. Karb-e-Ashnai Urdu novel is the tale of Soan and in addition the account of the shades of the Bangkok city. The tale of this Urdu novel will take you to the fanciful avenues of Bangkok. This story is brimming with sentiment and full love. now free pdf download or read on this ebook library you may be read more Tahir Javed Mughal novels in Urdu like Fiasla and Qalmi Mohabbat.

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