Thursday, April 5, 2018

Aurat Iblees Aur Khuda by Idrees Azad Free PDF Novel Online Read

عورت، ابلیس اور خدا

Aurat Iblees Aur Khuda

Free pdf Urdu book Aurat Iblees Aur Khuda (Women, Satan, and God) download or read online, this book written by Idrees Azad. Aurat, Iblees aur Khuda is a literature by Idris Azad, asserting that ethical quality forced by religions depended on sex and sexual practices. This book covers the historical backdrop of various religions yet set to the human want for sex. This book is useful for people who want to get information about the history of sex in the universe, but this information can be answered to the west by the information that the past and the present are attributed to sexuality. They do not have any right to engage in Islam. It is a great book about the current of God and the production of the universe, in the introduction to the book, the author talked about the beginning of life and the part of a couple in its extension. He answered to the faultfinders about the wedded life. Mr. Azad says that once he wrangled with a Christian about Islam and Christianity and he turned out to be all the more beyond any doubt that numerous Hindus, Jews, and Sikhs feel that Islam is a sexual religion, this confusion constrained the creator, Mr. Idrees Azad, to compose this Urdu book Aurat Iblees Aur Khuda. As per the creator, the western individuals additionally have a similar reasoning about Islam.Idrees Azad is the most popular author, novelist, poet (Shahir) and Philosopher from Pakistan. He composed best informative work in Urdu and writes historical novels and stories. he shares very knowledgeable information own Urdu books and novels you may be read Kainat Nazria Waqat Aor Taqdeer by Harun Yahya and Christmas Ki Haqeeqat historical fact of Christianity in Urdu.

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