Monday, April 30, 2018

Halala Marriage Ki Churi Free PDF Urdu Book Free Download

Free Urdu Islamic Book Halala Ki Churi means the knife of Halala, Nikkah after Tallaq Issues written by Mr. Abu Sharjeel.  This Urdu Islamic book about issues and problem Divorces and Nikkah of women and read about all women problems in our society and culture the writer disclose and the research on this issues and explain according to Hadith and Quran.The PDF copy of this book available for free download or read online.

Halala Marriage Urdu Book

In this book read What is Halala? What are the conditions for Halala? How is it performed?  and more read more issues and stories on this topic in this Urdu Islamic kutub. Islamic researchers who prescribe them to do Halala in which somebody or the researcher himself wed his separated from spouse for one night and afterward separates from her keeping in mind the end goal to influence it to wed capable for the principal husband, this is called Halala which is absolutely wrong in Islam. Islam does not permit Halala. Nikah is a promise to entire life. Abu Sharjeel has expounded on Halala and Islam in this Urdu book Halala Ki Churi. He has additionally expounded on Divorce in Islam. Abu Sharjeel has likewise gathered the lesson capable stories of such a people who submitted Halala. Halala Ki Churi is about Halal and Divorce. Halala implies making something legitimate, which is at present unlawful, Halala Marriage makes the separated from spouse legal to the previous husband, she had turned out to be unlawful in view of Three-time (Talaq) separate. This Urdu book as long as 190 pages and PDF file size 9 MB. I hope you like this Urdu Islamic eBook and share with friends and family. it is very informative and knowledgeable book. You may read Nikah Ki Chand Baatein by Mufti Abdul Rauf Sakharvi and Islam Ka Qanoon e Talaq by Sheikh Shahabuddin Nadavi.

Halala Urdu

Halala Ki Churi

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