Friday, March 30, 2018

Voltaire Philosophy in Urdu Book by Qazi Javed PDF Free Download


قاضی جاوید

Voltaire Urdu Qazi Javed

Free download PDF or read the online book Voltaire (Roshan Khayali Ka Nomaida) written by Qazi Javed. A book about French scholar Voltaire with biography, work and Philosophy history in Urdu. Voltaire was a French Enlightenment essayist, antiquarian and a scholar well known for his mind, his assaults on the setup Catholic Church and Christianity all in all and his promotion of flexibility of religion, the right to speak freely and detachment of chapel and state.Voltaire is considered to be a prominent representative of French illustration. He struggled against all kinds of non-racism and prejudice. Its writings are so fond of all over the world and are considered socialist masterpieces.Voltaire was a flexible and productive author, delivering works in relatively every scholarly shape, including plays, sonnets, books, papers and authentic and logical works. He composed in excess of twenty thousand letters and in excess of two thousand books and pamphlets. This book is in Urdu as long as pages and downloadable filesize 1.7 Mb.You may read Qazi Javed Urdu books Jean Jacques Rosseau and Taleem Aur Samaji Nizam.
Voltaire books Urdu

Voltaire Philosophy Urdu

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