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The War of Worlds By H. G. Wells in Urdu Sayyaron Ki Jang Novel

سیاروں کی جنگ

 رشید خان

The War Worlds H. G. Wells Urdu

Sayyaron Ki Jang This is Urdu translated Novel of The War of the Worlds written by H. G. Wells, this book is in English and now translated into Urdu by Rasheed Khan. Free download PDF copy or read online from this blog. The War of the Worlds is a Science fiction novel by English creator H. G. Wells initially serialized in 1897 by Pearson's Magazine in the UK and by Cosmopolitan magazine in the US.  Composed in the vicinity of 1895 and 1897 it is one of the most punctual stories that detail a contention amongst humankind and an extraterrestrial race.The novel is the principal individual story of both an anonymous hero in Surrey and of his more youthful sibling in London as southern England is attacked by Martians. The novel is a standout amongst the most remarked on works in the sci-fi group. H. G. Wells was a well-known author, fiction essayist, and student of history. H.G Wells composed some incredible books on the historical backdrop of Europe. He was the father of fiction composing and he sat it on the peak.The book The War of the Worlds is a nonexistent anecdote about the advancement hypothesis and the British government. H.G Wells portrayed the dread of the general population about the abnormal things. Rasheed Khan made an interpretation of the book into Urdu for the perusers. A novel as long as 80 pages and PDF file size 1.6 MB only. You can also read The Battle For God book In Urdu by Karen Armstrong and Aakhri Jang (The Last War) by Abu Yahya

Science Fiction Novel in Urdu by Rasheed Khan Download Pages:

Sayyaron Ki Jang

War worlds Urdu
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