Thursday, March 15, 2018

Ay Dil e Razdaan PDF Urdu Novel by Misbah Mushtaq Free Download

اے دل رازداں

 مصباح مشتاق

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Download best Urdu novels here now you are browsing Ay Dil-e-Razdaan novel written by Misbah Mushtaq. This is the Romantic and social story of our society an it is very interesting and belong to real story in the local Urdu language. The characters name and spaces might be invented yet the novel extract from real life story as indicated by the author or story writer, has seen every one of the characters in this Urdu novel. The story point out and exposed family backgrounds and difficulties in love find in the Pakistani society.  A novel in light of a genuine story composed by Novelist Misbah Mushtaq. It's a battle against exceptional feelings of a solid character young lady Maya. How she experiences unpleasant substances of life along twofold confronted alleged close relatives. Shawez Mirza who assumes a main part of the novel likewise endures reason for merciless fate. In any case, real love and romance never kicks the bucket. He proceeds with his endeavors to achieve the level where they at long last beat the most exceedingly awful conditions and make their lives advantageous for each other. This novel as long as 240 pages and downloadable pdf file size 4.5 MB only. You may be read Mushaf Novel by Nimra Ahmed and Sailab O Gardab by Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi.

Ay Dil e Razdaan

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