Sunday, March 11, 2018

Romance Novels in Urdu Chahatain Kesi by Razia Butt PDF Download

چاہتیں کیسی

رضیہ بٹ

Romance Novels Urdu

Chahatain Kesi romantic Short Novels or Afsanay in Urdu written by Famous Pakistani female author Razia Butt. This is awesome fiction and love story in local Urdu language. Real name Razia Niaz born in Wazirabadin Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar city on 19 May 1924, she spent the vast majority of her youth Razia Butt was an Urdu author and writer from Pakistan. Her books normally have solid female heroes and have been performed in films and TV plays. All these Urdu short stories are brimming with affection, sentiments, feelings, sentiment, and soul.Being a contemporary of numerous well-known names in local Urdu fiction Novel composing, Razia Butt cut a specialty and a business opportunity for herself by culminating in a specific brand of narrating. As anyone might expect, a large number of her Urdu books and novels, for example, Naila and Saiqa, were adjusted for the widescreen, and Saiqa, Norina, Bano and Najia, for TV dramatization serials. All these Urdu sentimental stories are accessible in Pdf organize here for download and read on the web. Now download PDF copy or read online this Urdu social and romantic Urdu novel by Razia Butt I hope you to like and share this story with friends and family you may be read Razia Batt novels Bano Novel and Musarraton Ka Sheher.

The following stories in this book:

  • Subah K Aanchal
  • Ab Ke Bichrhe
  • Bhelawe
  • Chahatain Kesi
  • Kaya Palat
  • Nafratian Kese
  • Intazar
  • Bala Unwan

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