Friday, March 30, 2018

Al Qaeda Ka Doosra Roof by Tauqeer Abbas PDF Urdu Translated Book

القاعدہ کا دوسرا روپ

کامل طویل 

ترجمہ: توقیر عباس

Al Qaeda Doosra Roof

Al Qaeda Ka Doosra Roof free download in PDF or read online Urdu translation Arabic articles Quilliam release The Other face of Al-Qaeda written by Camille Tawil and translate into Urdu local language by Tauqeer Abbas. Al-Qaeda implies The Base is an activist Sunni Muslimist multi-national association established in 1988 by Osama receptacle Laden, Abdullah Azzam, and a few other Arab volunteers who battled against the Soviet intrusion of Afghanistan in the 1980s. The Arabic language newspaper "Al-Hayat" published a creative article containing al-Qaeda's six pieces of articles. This article is a summary of the research of the Arab journalist's perfect long-term. Along with al-Qaeda helping to expand public understanding, these articles Quilliam And the cooperation of Al-Jihad is co-production, Many of the opponents of the title provide sources that help them with al-Qaeda propaganda, interpretation, and personal representation and resolve these issues.All the information included in the book Bino Tune, a former Libyan leader, provided the perfect. These are the information that does not come before. This book is a key position for government policymakers, sensitive institutions, journalists, and people who want to better understand al-Qaeda. This Urdu translated book as long as 63 pages and PDF file size 1 MB. You may read Naye Saleebi Jang Aur Osama by Idrees Azad and Fath e Afghanistan by Mr. Mustafa Kamal Pasha

The following topics in this Urdu book:

  • Al Hayat ka Taruf
  • Afghanistan  per Hamla rokne ke leye Alqaeda Insani tabae ke Hatyaroon ki talash
  • Afganistan me Arboon aur Kabul ki difah
  • Iraq me Jihad Ki tabahi
  • Alkaida in Egypt
  • Salfi Group ki Jang
  • Aalmi Jihad Ki koshish

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