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Firon History in Urdu Egypt Pyramids in Ancient Free PDF Book

Firon History in Urdu Egypt Pyramids an ancient history book in PDF download or read online. This is Urdu Translation English most famous book of  The secret force of the Pyramids Ahram e Misr aur Fironon Ke Ajaibat Urdu historical book free download or reads online. This book was written by Warren Smith and translated into the Urdu language by Rajput Iqbal Ahmed and published by Sciences Digest Publication. 

firon history in Urdu

A brief history of the last Egyptian dictator Pharaoh (Firon) life and death. Fhirauwn (Pharaoh) was the ruler of Egypt during the time of Prophet Moosa peace be upon on him. Pharaoh is the normal title of the rulers of antiquated Egypt from the First Dynasty until the addition of Egypt by the Roman Empire in 30 BCE, despite the fact that the real term "Pharaoh" was not utilized contemporaneously for a ruler until around 1200 BCE. Now read this book Firaun Ka Ibratnak Anjam aur Firon Ki Lash aur Firon Ki Kahani in Urdu. This book as long as 238 pages and PDF file size 4.6 MB. You may be read Firon o Kaleem by Rider Haggard in Urdu by Mazar Kaleem and Qissay Nabiyon Ke.

The Secret Force of the Pyramids Book in Urdu:

firon badshah
Egypt Pyramids Urdu

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