Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Colocynthis Properties For Health in Urdu Khawas e Andrain Hikmat

Colocynthis properties for health in Urdu free download or read online another Unani medicine Urdu book Khawas e Adrain. Colocynthis as a medicine usage and benefit in different human diseases. A Tibbi book in the Urdu language created by Hakeem Muhammad Abdullah. download in PDF format.

 Khawas e Andrain

This Hikamt book "Khawas-e-Andrain" helpful for all tib students and read about herbal medicine uses and information. This book contains the advantages of colocynth (Andrain organic product) and portrays helpful strategies to utilize it in different pharmaceuticals in the Urdu dialect.  This book as long as 40 pages and downloadable file size 1.2 MB. You may be read Khawas e Dhatura Properties of Thorn Apple/ Stramonium Urdu, Dhatura se ilaj and read Khawas e Bargad Banyan Tree properties and benefits in Urdu.

This plant also called Citrullus Colocynthis, desert gourd, bitter cucumber, and bitter apple. It looks like a typical watermelon vine yet bears little, hard organic products with an intense mash. It initially bore the logical name Colocynthis Citrullus.

Khawas e Andrain Hikmat Urdu Book by Hakeem Abdullah Download Pages:

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