Thursday, June 7, 2018

The Rise and Fall of Nations Book in Urdu PDF by Abu Muhammad Ali

Rise Nations Book Urdu

Qaumon ka Urooj o Zawal means The Rise and Fall of Nations Book in Urdu composed by Abu Muhammad Ali Bin Muhammad. This is a History Urdu book about Previews nations. Numerous books have been composed about the reasons for the ascent and fall of countries. The question of this book is to examine the subject from the Quranic viewpoint. Everything that occurs in this world is controlled by the outstanding Laws of Nature. The same is valid for the ascent and fall of a country. The Quran in one of its sections offers substance to this law in this manner: The Rise and Fall of Nations reconsider the dreary exploration of financial matters as a handy workmanship. Narrowing the huge number of components that can shape a nation's fortunes to ten clear standards, Writer discloses how to spot political, financial, and social changes progressively. By the word "individuals" the Quran implies the country or society, and by "heart" or "internal identity" the Quran alludes to people. Here the Quran alludes to that law of nature which decides the destiny of people groups or countries. You may read Falsafa Urooj O Zawal Aqwam by Moulana Abdulsalam Nadwi and Musalmanon Ka Hazar Sala Urooj History Of Muslims by Arshad Javed.

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Qaumon Ka Aroj Zawal

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